October 4, 2010

Everything but the stockings

I promised their would be colour to my autumn sewing, didn't I?
This skirt has been finished for over a week but I really wanted to be able to show it off the way I had imagined it. Without resorting to black or grey wardrobe staples.

The mustard coloured wool isn't from stash, I bought that recently. I really wanted a colour like it for my autumn/winter colour scheme, so, when I stumbled across this stuff when shopping for zippers, I couldn't resist. And because there was 'only' 4.5 meter left on the roll, the seller offered me a serious discount if I would just take the lot. Which means I will have to make more clothes in this colour. I'm thinking about a matching jacket, either nipped-waisted and New Look-alike or early 60's style block-y, and maybe a mod dress and/or a full skirt of some kind.

This is a very simple pencil skirt with a double box pleat at the back (my own pattern). And yes, it fits properly, I just pull it weirdly by trying some 'fun' posing... It is lined.

The shirt uses up all the fabric I had left over from making this dress, a viscose/rayon. I had drafted a different blouse, which used way to much fabric. Then, I made this, which is in fact a very quick and easy adeption of my basic sloper.
I love how it turned out. I sewed the lower ends of the darts so the blouse would fit smoothly when tucked in but just look at the shape that creates!

I may just have to make a dress based on this pattern... I think it would even work with a longer sleeve.
So far, I've mostly sewn button-down blouses but now, I've really developed a taste for vintage-style ones with side or back closures. There may be more.
And most of all, I'm happy with these colours. I, used to wearing black and muted colours as I am, would wear this in real life. Everything in colour but the stockings. And both pieces would combine really well with black, grey, brown and olive as well. The colour scheme is here to stay!


  1. I love the neckline of the blouse! And the skirt is just to-die-for. If I looked that good in high-waisted stuff, I would wear nothing but ;).

    Exciting to see the colour scheme is working for you!

  2. Nice colors. I like anything in teal shades. Is it possible for you to share how to use double box pleats into the vent of the skirt. I also self draft patterns and had been wanting to draft a pencil skirt (below knee) with ease for movement. Its been ages(more than a decade) since i wore skirts, now want to get back to them...

  3. I love the colour combination! The blouse especially, is just stunning. What an amazing shape. :)

  4. This is beautiful! I love seeing you try out some colours.. and you look just stunning in this outfit!

  5. You make this work beautifully. Brava for jumping into a whole new color scheme!

  6. Love the unusual way you've blended the colours. The blouse design is gorgeous.

  7. I love this outfit! It's super cute... it makes me want to pull out my mustard wool pencil skirt.