March 26, 2013

For baby

I'm going to be an auntie soon... My sister is going to have her baby within the next month. 
Over the past weeks, I've been giving her sewing advice over the phone about such things as refashioning the hood of a baby stroller (not that I know anything about strollers, but I do know what needles to use for what kind of fabric etc.). 
So far, I haven't really sewn for the baby yet. My sister has been given a lot of stuff already (by in-laws and friends with older children) and adviced us not to add randomly to the growing pile of baby sweaters and stuffed animals. And our grandmother has been knitting a lot of baby clothes.
So, I asked for both my sister's wishes and insight in her baby's wardrobe and for our mother's advice about sizing.
And I did just finish a rug/quilt/thing for the baby to play on. In cute dinosaur camoflage fabric (I'll add a picture later). 
That was a request from the soon-to-be grandmother. 

However, I've got my information now, and I borrowed this issue of Knippie magazine (the children's version of Knipmode). 

I'm planning on making this cute little jumpsuit. I've got some soft thick-ish bright blue cotton jersey in my stash which could work really well. That would be OK for a boy or a girl, wouldn't it?
And maybe I'll add a hood...

Wish me luck and give me your advice because I really am new to sewing on this scale... (well, except for this one thing of which I should still have the pattern. but it's a sweater so it doesn't really fit the bill)


  1. Congratulations to your sister and her partner! Babies don't need as much as you think.

    I found the Kwik Sew book, Sewing for Babies, very useful. It's full of patterns and good advice and techniques. Actually, I used Sewing for Babies, Sewing for Toddlers and Sewing for Children extensively. They are all excellent.

  2. Hi, as a new mother of a baby boy, I prefer a two-piece and not an entire suit... but this is just my opinion... As regard the hood, I found it quite ineffective and sometimes even "troublesome", but I live in Italy and maybe here the weather is generally warmer. What about a sleeping bag? you can sew different and detachable linings, so that your sister can use the bag in- and outside. My best wishes for the nwe mother and the new aunt :)

  3. congratulations! being an auntie is great, trust me :) I'm pregnant myself but don't have much advice to give on sewing on this scale: I'm also at a loss regarding what to sew, what will be comfortable, useful, etc. So many questions!
    So far I haven't sewn much for my little one, only two hats in knit fabric for the hospital (very quick to sew and there are many free patterns over the internet) and a kind of sleeve-less sleeping bag, called "gigoteuse" in French: it's basically a lined bag with shoulder straps. I'm planning to have two of these so one can go in the washing machine whenever it needs to..
    good luck with baby sewing!