March 10, 2013

Warm and cozy

Tired of all the lingerie-talk? I have to say the addiction has kicked in but I did make something else last week.
On Monday, the day that spring actually started, carefully, here in the Netherlands, I made this nice warm sweater... Yeah, great timing, I know. In all fairness, I haven't been able to enjoy the nice weather because I've had a nasty cold all week (I shouldn't complain, I rarely have any health issues at all, and it was just a cold) and today, the weather turned colder again.

The sweater is very simple, but not a kind I have lots of. Last year, I bought a knitted sweater at COS which I've worn a lot this past winter. A navy sweater with white stripes. A simple, straight, semi-fitted body with slim sleeves. I thought I'd copy the shape and use it for a design of my own. 
The body of this sweater is made from a curious cotton/fleece blend I've had in my stash for years (I made another, fitted, sweater from it before but that one tends to be too warm and a bit too fitted) and the sleeves are in a thick-ish brick red jersey. To make it a bit more interesting in these plain fabrics, I drafted raglan sleeves. The band at the neckline is made from the same fabric as the sleeves. 
It was a very simple thing to make but I like the way it looks with narrow trousers (and it would probably be nice with shorts too) and it's quite comfortable. I'm sure I'll wear it a lot, eventually...

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  1. I like your sweater, in fact I hope that you don't mind but I just may copy it. It's a perfect way to add some uniqueness to a simple sweater.