March 13, 2013

Still not a problem...

 Not tired of lingerie yet? 

Good, then I can show you this. In my last post about the lace back panties, I mentioned how you could adept this style from cheeky short to low-cut thong. Obviously, I was already planning to try. The fabric and lace aren't that nice but I had these on hand and they were cheap. So, ideal for a wearable muslin. 

The pattern now looks like this.
I cut the crotch as a seperate piece and finished it in a way I have never seen in sewing instructions but occasionally in RTW: I put the elastic on the sides in 'blind'. This means sewing the outside and lining together at the sides first and serging on uncovered elastic (the stuff that's just rubber, no fabric) at the same time. Then, you turn the crotch piece right side out and sew it to the front and back. 

I'm happy with these panties as proof of concept but they're not perfect. I've learned now that edging elastic should not, or just barely, be stretched when you sew it to the fabric. It's tiny bit tighter than I'd like here. And for a next pair, I would raise the center back about 1 to 1.5 cm. 
I want to make the next pair using that grey/green lace again. Lace at front and back, lycra only for the crotch piece. Another pair of panties to match my bra (which I've worn a couple of times now. It really fits well!).

Oh, and about the first pair of panties I made in those materials, the start to this new addiction of mine, Melissa's lacy thong pattern: I've altered my pair taking length out of the crotch piece. It fits much better now but it's still a bit wide at the hip. Next time I'll go down a size. Based on my experience with this pair that should work perfectly. (as I've mentioned before, I think the crotch length issue only comes up if you're using a fabric with vertical stretch)

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  1. Sewing lingerie is soo addictive! This is a cute pair of knickers. I've used that blind elastic method recently too, on the crotch in a new pair that I made in January. I'm not sure if it was a huge improvement on doing it the regular way, but it's nice to try something new every once in a while.