June 12, 2014

Thanks to him

At the moment, I'm still working on those very last wedding dresses. Almost done now.
On top of that, E is working for four weeks (the past two, this one and the next) on a project which keeps him away from home for six days a week. However, out of sight does not mean out of mind. This man knows me.

Last week, this image showed up on his 'funny things and random interesting stuff' app (9gag) and he immediately thought of me and saved it on his phone so he could show it to me when he got home on Sunday.
It was just titled "fabulous 1950's necklines" and I wouldn't know where to start to find any information about it. It is fabulous though. The models and location look very glamorous and of course, those necklines are amazing. They also all have a distinctive draped quality and are shown down to the waist at most. Those last two things make me wonder if this is an example of the work of one of the 'draping performers' of the day (I know I saw a recording of that on a blog a while ago, I just don't remember where). The upper right design looks kind of impractical for a real garment... So, maybe these are the top parts of fabulous dresses or maybe there's nothing more there...
Anyway, this photograph makes me want to experiment with beautiful, softy draped necklines. 


  1. Those are Charles James' models, I believe.
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art is previewing a new book on his work, Charles James: Beyond Fashion, and they look like his crew and his style.

  2. The upper right neckline is totally catwalk haute-couture... (therefore impractical)
    http://www.vanityfair.com/vf-hollywood/game-of-thrones-fashion (second image)

    The bottom right one is super sexy.