July 31, 2014

heat wave survival...

Ok, I know many of you may come from places where high temperatures are much more normal than over here. And you will probably laugh out loud whenever people like me complain about heat. It's true, we don't get real heat here in the Netherlands but between the humidity and the fact that neither our houses nor the infrastructure nor the way in which we normally live our lives are adapted to dealing with hot weather, it can get pretty uncomfortable on those rare 30 degrees Celsius days. Like we had last week.

In hot weather, I tend to live in two cropped jumpsuits (this one and this one) I've made a while ago. The cotton dresses I normally love are just too fitted and too covered-up under those circumstances. 
So, last week I decided to make another little thing to wear when the weather gets hot.

This new one is even more for wearing at home than the old ones. It's not meant to be pretty or flattering, just to be comfortable during a heat wave.
In fact, it kind of looks like some classic piece of lingerie, a teddy or combination. In reality, it is a strange hybrid between a lacy camisole and a playsuit/cropped jumpsuit.

It is made from the same crepe fabric I've been talking a lot about lately, the blue/grey colour I made first. The brown lace insert is mostly backed with the same fabric. 
Pattern-wise, there are short, wide little trousers with slanted pockets and a very simple camisole-like top. Because fitted things are warm to wear, this thing isn't fitted. And because, with an item like this, it kind of makes sense to make it without closures, it has been made just like that. So, everything above the hips had to be wide so I can step into the garment. It has elastic at the waistline to gather it up a bit and to give a bit of shape and there is elastic in the top edge at the back, to keep the top from gaping. 
I was pretty sure what effect the elastic at the waist would have (because I had used that many times before, though mostly at M's) but I'm pretty glad that top edge worked out.
Because this fabric likes to stretch out during wear, I pulled pieces of ribbon into the tubes of fabric for the shoulder straps. That keeps them nice and stable.

I've worn this thing already and it really does the job. And as I said, I don't really mean to wear this out in the street but considering what people there are wearing when it's warm, I don't think I would attract any attention if I did decide to go to the supermarket dressed like this on some hot summer's day.


  1. That is super cute and looks perfect for summer! And makes me want a romper, even though it's never been a good look for me. /sigh.

    We've finally had some good summer up here, too---I've discovered I rely on some punishing heat in the summer to make facing a brutal Canadian winter more bearable. I just hope it keeps it up for a few more weeks...

  2. When I first visited the Netherlands in Summer 1986 the weather was wonderful, well into the 30's and bright every day; mind you, old people died if my memory serves me rightly :( Since then I have visited in Spring and Autumn and been lucky with hardly any rain etc- think I'll pass on Winter however, I'm just not a cold weather person. Your jumpsuit looks perfect for lounging around the house sipping cold drinks :)