July 6, 2014

knitwork result!

Ok, it took me a while to finish this sweater. I had all the knitting finished before my holiday but there were a lot of pieces to sew together. And then, there were the usual issues with E being busy and the weather turning first too warm for wool and then so rainy that it got dark early.

But, here we are. Knitted from a pattern from a Passap breigids booklet from the 1950's (which I wrote about here). These knitting books don't contain sizing charts but in other Dutch magazines from the same era, I'm between sizes 38 and 40. This pattern was in 40, 42 and 44, so I made the size 40.
And by the look of it, my guess about the size was spot on.

I knitted the body in sand coloured wool and the facings in ocher yellow. I had used the yellow yarn to set up the stitches and I really liked how the two looked together, so I used a contrast colour, as the pattern  describes.
And in the end, I rather like the bow.

One annoying thing though: Judging from the photograph in the booklet, you'd expect the sweater to be shaped at the waist... In fact, it isn't. If you follow the pattern, you start at the waistband and then add stitches every few rows. It's only getting wider. 

I consider sewing some elastic at the back to pull in the waist but I'm not sure yet. I think I'll see how the top works in normal wear first.


  1. Fantastic work, I'm always impressed by people who can knit and sew. The yellow looks great with the grey body

  2. Beautiful sweater! Although they're not too visible, I love the contrast facings!