July 28, 2014

The 1920's dress - 1

After looking at the options for a few days, I've decided to make this dress:

 I just love that back. To be honest, I'm a lot less sure about the front but I'm willing to take that risk.
Even when I started to trace the pattern, I almost got distracted by the robes de stile on the same sheet. That shape is a bit more familiar to me, and I can imagine it being more flattering. However, I had good reason deciding against those: I want more of a quintessential 1920's silhouette.

So, I traced. I think I've shown you the Gracieuse patterns sheets before, but this is what they look like. No fun. That said, this one seemed a little bit less confusing than the 1930's sheet I've tried before. Probably because although the amount of patterns featured in each issue is about the same, the patterns from the 1930's tend to be more complicated and consist of more pieces than the 1920's ones. 

Tomorrow, I'll cut the fabric. There is no picture of the pattern lay-out and no text explaining how many times to cut what.

This is all the instruction which is given. For the pattern, cutting and sewing. It was helpful though. I had expected those curves strips at the hip to be bands which should be made double and probably interfaced but the instructions tell to narrowly hem them at the bottom and then apply them. So they are more like small flounces. In fact, according to the instructions, not a single piece should be made double or get any kind of stabilizing. Narrow hems even at the neckline. The lines which look like a neck band are actually decorative stitching. And that for a pattern designed for crepe satin...
I plan on using my crepe and that is a fabric which really likes to grow so I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll separate those neck edges and make an interfaced band after all...


  1. This is very exciting :) Good luck on the construction!

  2. Fantastic choice, the pattern sheet will now give me nightmares for about a week. I can't wait to see the dress, should be beautiful on you

  3. I love this one! And I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    I would do what you need to do for stabilization, though---i have seen much more comprehensive pattern instructions skip important details like that! :)