July 3, 2014

Let's call it research...

Do you remember my post about this Zara jumpsuit, a little over a month ago
Well, a week later I looked at it in the store but it was Saturday afternoon and there was a big queue for the changing rooms, so I didn't try it on. I did find out that the fold was only in the trouser part and that there were hidden buttons to hold the overlap/fold in place.

Yesterday, I was in town and had a bit of time, so I wandered into the store again. With the summer sale already in full swing, I had no idea whether or not the jumpsuit would even still be there.
The white one wasn't. There was, however, a black viscose/rayon  crepe jumpsuit (with FSC logo. I've never seen that on clothing or fabric before but it makes sense because viscose is made from wood pulp). And it was fairly quiet on Wednesday morning...

So, I tried it on. I used to do this kind of 'research' more often. Trying out different styles before committing lots of sewing time some new shape. Seeing what I could learn from how they made things in RTW.
I'm not too keen on the look. I'm over my disappointment about the length. It's fine. And I still really like that fold/overlap trick. The fold is only in that one leg, by the way. There is a waist seam, which is a bit below my natural waist. That makes sense if you're supposed to let it hang like this, or to tie it more closely and let the top blouse over. 
It's just too baggy overall for my taste. I like my clothes to be at least semi-fitted somewhere. If I wasn't so used to making all my own clothes I might have been less critical though.

And this is the bit of 'inside information' I was wondering about: One trouser leg has a bit of overlap cut on and the top attaches to it, like it would in a normal wrap garment. The other leg has the extra space of the fold. The top on that side is the exact mirror image of the other one, so there is a bit in the center of the trousers which has no top attached to it. There are two small buttons with which you can close the overlap/fold. I've seen trousers with this kind of fold closure before (last year, when I was thinking about how to make something like  it, I saw a pair in another RTW store, Cora Kemperman) but not it a jumpsuit. It's a clever design.

P.S. I felt a bit weird taking photos like this, wondering if I was doing something illegal. However, I know a lot of people shop like that anyway, sharing the choices available with friends or looking for cheaper versions of the items they like. And I even know that some 'designers' buy garments in stores, take them apart and then trace them for patterns. 

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  1. This jumpsuit is not a flattering silhouette, and isn't that what we seek? It does have some interesting engineering design but overall it flattens the figure. However there are some design elements to learn from it.