January 19, 2012

Mustard and plum

Way back, in December 2011, I made a sweater in a sort of plum/aubergine coloured knit. A big, loose-fitting sweater decorated with a braid along the center front. That shape meant that it looked great with my shorts and maybe with skinny trousers. But not with much else.
Soon however, I realized that the colour would be great with my mustard yellow skirts...

So, I bought another meter of the same fabric and made it into another sweater. This time in a shape which works with past-the-knee skirts.

I've made this 'kimono/dolman sleeves and fitted at the waist' kind of shape a couple of times before and I still think it works well for me. It is the short of design on which you always want a center seam at either front or back, just to save a hell of a lot of fabric in cutting. This time it's a center front seam and I tried a new neckline feature in order to make it look natural. The neckline is fairly wide on the sides and has a V at the front. The collar fills up that V and has a center front seam as well, which is partially sewn up.
Not easy to explain in words, but very easy to make. Just shout out in the comments if you want detail or pattern piece pictures.


  1. I really like the collar on that. You always look so stylish!

  2. Great sweater, the outfit is fun :) I'd love to see your pattern pieces!

  3. Yes please share your pattern piece pictures! I'm curious how the arms are shaped and what you mean with saving fabric with a center front seam.

  4. I love the ensemble and color combination. I would love more details or pattern pieces pictures. It would be so kind of you.
    The neckline is just superb

  5. Interesting color combo. I like it actually! Both look good together.

  6. What a great color combination!