January 11, 2012

What you may have seen before...

but almost certainly didn't.

I'm going to show you a pair of trousers which has actually been in a picture on this blog before. I made these trousers back in November and wore them in the pictures of 'wearing a square'. At that time, I didn't photograph them on their own and I cut those pictures at hip length so they were not on display at all.

I may have forgotten about them because they were very easy to make or because, at that point in time, I wasn't quite sure about how to make them work in my wardrobe. I shouldn't have because they're great. They're comfortable and, by now, I love the look.

These are rather skinny trousers, not my usual look.
I guess I was inspired both by pictures of vintage '50 cigarette trousers and by the many versions of the Colette Patterns 'Clover' trousers showing up all over the web. Mine have a similar tapered leg and side closure but instead of being waist high, they are a few centimeters higher and finished with a facing. They were very easy because that's just my trouser sloper with an extra high waistline put on. And I'm very happy with them because I finally got that flat-butt-adjustment down to a T. Look:

(I took only one picture from the side. I'm actually looking down at the trousers, not trying to smell at my armpit ;)
I made these in a wool blend with some stretch and by now I keep mentally going through my stash looking for fabric to make another pair...


  1. Just saying, your hips/butt look extremely awesome in them! I think the tapered look is very flattering on you.

  2. I love them! What do you do for a flat butt adjustment? My mom was wrestling with that last winter and I found a lot of confusing and conflicting info. :)

  3. No wonder you like them - they fit great!

  4. Wow. I can see why you are scouting for fabric to make more. From the pictures, I would never guess you needed a flat seat adjustment. You look fantastic in them.

  5. Great look on you. You should definitely make more.

  6. Those are gorgeous! I want some:)

  7. Wow the fit on those is sublime! I love the look of that extra high waist, too!

  8. Hi Lauriana,
    my friend ( username 'apfelbluete' at BurdaStyle) wants to contact you because she is very excited about the great fit of your trousers. Her Email is: la_femme@gmx.de
    Please check your spam folder (in case the mail she send to you was considered as spam).
    Otherwise you might contact her!?

    Thanks! :-)