January 27, 2012

Vintage pattern magazines!

Last year, my aunt gave me a pile of vintage sewing magazines. They were 'Marion' magazines and mostly from the 1970's. I posted scans from them a few times.

Recently, I decided to take a look at a local auction site in search of vintage patterns (I finally realised I should look in the 'collecting' instead of the 'hobby' category...) and I found some more... In fact, I bought the issues from June 1952 to July 1953 from one seller and a random selection of numbers (mostly one or two a year, with the early '60s missing) from 1954 to 1969 from another. And yes, I paid for it this time.

Despite the cost involved (and let's face it: when do I ever spend on patterns?) I'm quite happy with my purchase and I've spend many a happy hour looking through those lovely little pages. Like the 70's Marions, these come with pattern sheets. One those, there is usually one pattern in each of their 'normal' sizes (for women and children and sometimes some menswear too). All patterns are one size only. You could order those patterns in the other sizes and most designs in the magazine, usually including the most elaborate and glamorous, were only available by mail order. Strangely though, neither seller had any of these mail-order patterns for sale.
Any way, I will so try and make some of this stuff.

Well, enough talk for now, I'll just share some of the contents of 'Marion magazine nr. 47 - June 1952' with you.


  1. These are wonderful! I'm already trying to pick out which ones you might make. (I vote number 2+3 on that last picture.)

  2. Ooo, nifty! I love the swing-jackets and those dresses in the last image. Over Christmas I had meant to hunt down some 40s magazines my mom has to maybe scan a page or two, but I didn't quite manage it.

  3. Very cool! I'm a total masochist - can we see what the pattern sheets and instructions look like, too? :)

    I like the woman with the kerchief on her head - she looks very post-war practical.