January 13, 2012

When watching television

It's been one of those weeks when every day, either I or my boyfriend get home late, so we have dinner late and so, even on those evenings without other obligations, I get no sewing done. I've actually been watching more TV than usual.

The good thing about this is that, on BBC 2, I saw the new two-part period drama the Mystery of Edwin Drood. It's a particularly dark tale based on an unfinished story by Charles Dickens. And in good BBC tradition, the acting is good and so is the look.

If you've been watching Tudors before, you'll recognise the actress playing Rosa here (she also played Jane Seymour).

Obviously, apart from enjoying the story, I was also studying the clothes and I just love the neckline decoration of Rosa's mourning gown (this was the best picture I could find of it, you can just see the effect on her shoulder). Black lace slightly gathered from the solid fabric's neckline to its own... Can't you just imagine that in a sort of '50s style dress? Like a more modest and/or more frilly version of an illusion neckline?

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