March 23, 2014

Another pair of jeans

Today, we took some pictures of my new jeans.
To be honest, I didn't wait till now just for lack of photo opportunities (last week was rather good for daylight). While sewing the jeans, I had also been dreaming up new things to wear them with and I wanted to work on some of those too.

In the end, only one thing was really finished by the time E had the opportunity to take pictures: this loop-scarf thingy. Is this called an infinity scarf or is that term only for the longer and narrower variety. I was working on a top but it still needed to be hemmed and it didn't really look right with the trousers anyway.

I've told you about the design of these jeans before. It's basically a classic cut for trousers, executed in thin denim.
I'll probably wear a top over them most of the time but I wanted to show you the waistline treatment and the pockets. Those vertical welts (a feature which wouldn't work in more fitted trousers but is absolutely fine here), pleats and fly, all without a waistband.

I'm quite pleased with the fit. Level top edge, no weird folds in the legs and the position of the back pockets looks good too.

The scarf was a really easy and quick thing to make on the knitting machine. For something like this, the fake rib knit option is great. I knitted together three different kinds of really thin yarn: two blue ones and an ocher yellow. I like the tweed-like blended effect it gives and it's a nice way to use this very thin yarn. And it allows me to that yellow without looking sick.

I should still have enough of this denim left over for another pair of trousers and I've been thinking about jeans a lot while making these. So, expect to see more in the time to come.

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  1. These are lovely and your scarf is great. I love the colour combinations.