March 20, 2014

For the little boy

Thank you for all the interesting replies to my previous post. I think the real world advice from the mothers among you adds quite a different angle to what otherwise can become a rather ideological discussion.

After all the comments about wear and laundry, I'm really doubting my mother's choice of fabrics. She's a mother of three herself, so I would have thought she'd remember those considerations.
Anyway, I went with her choice, as promised. I just took the liberty of using some of the dark blue rib knit for the neckline edge.

This is the outfit. Both items are based on patterns from Knippie magazines from 2012. I made some changes, eliminating details which I just thought were stupid. A fake fly? A back yoke which so doesn't do anything that it's actually attached to the back on the pattern (you were supposed to cut it off, cut it separately from the fabric and then sew it back on)? A chest pocket to be applied by straight stitch topstitching, in jersey? 
Some people may like such details, which were probably included to make the items look like miniature versions of clothes for more grown-up people. I don't. I'm more of a 'form follows function' kind of seamstress. 

We're going to my parents for a family dinner on Saturday, so I'll meet baby J and his proud parents there. I hope they'll enjoy the outfit. 

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