March 8, 2014

The teens

Thank you for all the nice replies to my previous post! I'll post about subjects like that again.
Today, I've got more pictures. Proper vintage fashion this time… Oh no, actually, it's antique fashion (100 years old, or more). The following pictures were all published in Journal des Dames et des Modes in 1913 and 1914. I don't have original magazines. The pictures come from a late 1980's compilation. 

I'm fascinated with these styles from the 1910's. It's so easy to think about fashion history moving from the S-curve, through World War I, straight on to the flapper dresses and bare legs of the 1920's. In fact, there is this really interesting time of development and experimentation in between (probably not so unknown anymore now, thanks to Downton Abbey).

This magazine must have focussed on high fashion. There are some designs credited to Poiret himself and, in general, the looks are luscious, opulent and quite modern in silhouette (modern for the time, of course).

There are plenty of hobble skirts and very few clearly defined waistlines.
In drawings, these looks are so endlessly elegant. I'd love to find a pattern from a design like this, just to find out what it actually looked like on a real person.


  1. Gorgeous! as fashion, as art- just gorgeous! -Kimbersew

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I love the teens. And I think the Folkwear pattern at is not too far off ("inspired by tea gowns from 1912-1913"). I haven't made it, but it looks right to me.