January 25, 2012

Patterns, pieces and drafting

Hi everyone! It feels like such a long time since my last post, but I know that it really hasn't been that long. I've just been working so much in those few days that they seemed longer...

Now, I'm back to show you the pattern pieces for that top. No real picture, because I sort of free-handed the whole thing, based on an earlier pattern. Some of you also asked me how having a center front or back seam could save fabric, so I've made this little schematic drawing of the pattern pieces as I would lay them out on the fabric. Please keep in mind that it's not to scale.

As you can see, these cut-on sleeves take up a lot of width. So, if you only have to cut one piece on the fold, you can make do with little more fabric then what's needed for the top's length. The collar shape is also clearly visible here: once cut, it it folded on the dotted line, the front is stitched together between the point and the notch and closed separately from the notch to the dotted line. The whole thing is inserted into the body of the top after the front and shoulder seams have been sewn.
As you can see, it's a very simple design and it's one of those which only work in knits.

About the shirts with pattern magic collars: I plan to get started on those this weekend. I will make the curve collar first because someone mentioned wanting to make something like it herself (and I know Carolyn is a major Pattern Magic user, so that would be quite cool). Obviously, I still plan make the double collar as well and document that process.


  1. I have recently bought the Pattern Magic books and although my skills are nowhere near up to be able to use them yet, I'm really looking forward to seeing your projects.

  2. Layouts like this are why I adore knits that come in a tube---you basically get to have a fold on both edges.

    I hadn't thought of the sneaky trick of reversing the other side so the long sleeves interlock---I like it. I've been put off making anything with long, cut-on sleeves because I thought it would be insanely fabric wasteful, but this doesn't look any worse than my usual layouts. Thanks! :)

  3. Yes Lauriana, Carolyn is fantastic! And you too.